Reztart Ways


Busy morning?

When there’s no time for a proper breakfast, grab a Reztart and share it with your family, too.

On the go

Reztart is a nutritious snack for the moments when you are on the go. In the car or on the train, rushing from one meeting to the next in the middle of the day, before or after a workout. Have a Reztart bar close by and your energy levels are instantly restored.

At work

If you wish to avoid post-meal lethargy, have a Reztart before lunch – this stabilises your blood sugar levels and prevents that feeling of afternoon drowsiness. Grab a bar or powder shake any time during the day when you feel low on energy. This helps you get more done and be more productive.

At school

Pack a Reztart bar in your child’s school bag, so they have a nourishing snack at hand during the school day. Scientific research has proved that children who consumed Reztart bars or drinks during the school day had improved concentration and academic performance (Steen, S. 2003, University of Lund).

Before or after workout

Reztart is an ideal snack before a workout, because the protein it contains ensures sufficient energy levels for top performance. Protein-rich Reztart is also great after working out, as it helps reduce micro-trauma to muscles, restoring your muscles to their natural state and thus ensuring quicker recovery.

Healthy weight

Reztart is rich in fibre. Fibre is of key importance in maintaining a healthy body weight, as it ensures prolonged satiety and slows down the absorption of glucose, thus avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels.

Craving sugar?

To curb sugar cravings, have a Reztart. It’s as tasty as a macaroon, but it contains plenty of high-quality nutrients.

Before dinner

Had a long work day, just made it home and feel exhausted? Have a Reztart to avoid snacking before dinner is ready and overeating during dinner.

At night

If you feel hungry before going to bed, don’t raid the fridge, have a Reztart. It nourishes your body with valuable proteins that are necessary for the renewal process of the cells.

Work trip

It is a lot easier to eat healthy during your ordinary everyday routine than it is when you’re away from home. Take Reztart bars and powder shakes with you on (business) trips to ensure that a nutrient-rich snack is readily available even at the busiest moments.

Do you need a Reztart?

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