Science and research

Reztart products literally combine science and nature.

Reztart was born out of a desire among a group of Swedish doctors to find a solution to the everyday problem we all face: how to get all the necessary nutrients from food, and reduce the energy deficiency, fatigue and health problems caused by poor eating habits.

All Reztart bars and powder shakes contain 15 grams of a NGCTM (Nutritional Glycaemic Control) health food blend. The NGCTM health food blend contains all the daily essential nutrients in a rich and concentrated form straight from nature: apples, rosehip, sugar beet fibre, peas, special Omega3-Omega6-rich eggs and whey protein.

The positive effect of Reztart products has been scientifically proven.

We have been collaborating with international scientists and experts since 2000, and we have conducted a number of clinical trials, tests and product development projects. Furthermore, we have conducted over 20 tests and analyses, including 3 clinical trials which were also published in international journals.

The main research areas in which NGCTM has been analysed include:

  • glycaemic load and its impact on the human body (healthy volunteers, obese individuals and individuals with diabetes);
  • the impact of the products on body weight; losing weight with NGCTM products, and weight gain (with or without concomitant diseases);
  • metabolic system and glycaemic control (patients with diagnosed Type II diabetes and gestational diabetes)

Overview of the research studies.

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