Science + Nature

First science based formula for protein bars and beauty shakes:
  • Based on science
  • Ingredients from pure nature
  • Developed by Swedish scientists
  • Perfect for a workout!
The NGC™ Formula – unique, innovative, patented and scientifically proven nutrition blend

Real power snack

  • Vitamin C – helps collagen production
  • Fiber rich – for feeling full
  • Pectin – natural fibre that reduces cholesterol, normalises fat levels and improves digestion
  • Special Omega 3/Omega 6 eggs – with unique balance of 1:2
  • Iron – keeps organs oxygenated, increasing metabolic activities
  • High quality protein – from natural sources
  • Apples – help to activate collagen

A perfect sports bite

PROTEIN RICH. FIBRE RICH. No more fibre deficit in your diet:
  • One bar gives up to 5.8 g of fiber, which is more than in 2 slices of wholegrain bread
  • Fibre helps in losing weight and maintaining your body shape by balancing blood sugar levels and reducing the craving for sugary snacks
  • Fibre helps you stay full for a longer period

Why we target fitness clubs?

Because we have an ideal pre- and post-workout bite!
  • A pre-workout snack will give you better results in training and more energy to workout.
  • After training, snacks help to reduce muscle breakdown, enabling better recovery, restoring glycogen stores and enabling growth of muscle mass.
  • High quality protein and carbohydrates support your body.
  • Naturally occurring sodium helps to restore mineral levels

Key Benefits

  • Functional food based on science
  • Ingredients from nature
  • High quality nutrition to support performance and recovery
  • Optimum balance of daily essentials nutrients in a concentrated manner
  • Low calorie
  • Supports blood sugar balance

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