I am by nature a person who seeks balance in everything and does not go to extremes. So I look for this elusive golden middle-ground in lifestyle and nutrition, where there is no place for diets and extreme sports and where I have enough attention and time for my family, myself and my translation and training company.

I would really like to prepare healthy food several times a day, and get enough rest and exercise, but this is not often the case with my lifestyle. That’s why I often prepare a nutritious smoothie for me for breakfast, to which I also add Reztart powder shake (sometimes I just mix it with water—15 seconds and it tastes great!). In the evening, being drained of energy and on my way home from training, I have a Reztart bar and some nuts in stock.

Since I tend to suffer from energy deficiency in the winter and spring, I’ve used many different tricks to survive the dark times in the past, and my lifestyle in general is, I would say, ‘reasonably healthy’. But in the case of Reztart, I especially like how little time and effort is needed to be healthier, have good nutrition and get more done. It’s not a miracle drink but provides the clean food that my body needs and keeps my blood sugar levels stable. Despite the fact that the bars taste and look like appetising ‘sinners’, they are full of high-quality natural nutrients (berries, fruits, peas, fibre, eggs).

I look forward to Reztart coming out with new exciting flavours!

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