Reztart is our family’s everyday companion

Reztart bars and protein powder shakes have become our family’s everyday companion. 

Since I often travel to Finland and Sweden for work, I have learned from experience that healthy food is not always at hand. However, there is not enough time to visit good places to eat.

Due to my fast pace of life and travel plans that means I often set off really early and regularly miss breakfast. And because I love to sleep, when I am half asleep I can only drink lemon water and a cup of coffee.

In order to last until evening, I have discovered REZTART bars, which are really tasty and at the same time provide the necessary energy. Before going out the door, I make sure the bars are in my pocket. Since there are others who have sweet tooth in my family, my son, daughter and wife have also found their favourites in the Reztart product line. The boxes on the kitchen shelf are always open and everyone grabs a bar before going to school or work.

For years, our whole family has been eating healthily. You don’t see sweets or biscuits, or even juices, on our table.

However, since the fruits of our garden are not available all year round, REZTART is the new sweet friend of our family!

In addition to bars, Reztart protein drinks are also a nice alternative to drinking water. Since I took up jogging a few years ago, I can’t run long distances without energy. My favourite chocolate shake is the best tool for that.

Being healthy is about healthy habits that become a way of life.

It is so comforting to know that you don’t have to give up sweet tastes, because there is REZTART!

Do you need a Reztart?

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