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Why Reztart

Reztart is for you and your family

Reztart is for everyone who has days when their energy levels are low, but life presses on. It is an easy way to get nutritious food, so you could get more done and stay healthy.

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Smart food

Reztart is fibre-rich and protein-rich functional food in the form of powder shakes and bars.

Reztart was developed by doctors with the aim of finding a solution to the everyday problems we all face: how to get all the necessary nutrients from food, and reduce fatigue and health problems.

Powder shakes and bars with different tastes contain plenty of necessary nutrients and have a low glycaemic load.

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You get more done!

A Reztart snack between meals ensures that you feel full and keeps your energy levels stable thanks to its high protein and fibre content.

Consumed 30 minutes before a main meal, Reztart helps avoid overeating and post-meal lethargy, as it keeps the blood sugar levels stable and has a low glycaemic load.

Reztart FIT helps you maintain or achieve a healthy weight, because it is rich in fibre and has a low glycaemic load. Therefore, it helps reduce overeating and avoid cravings.

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Reztart is real food. Reztart powder shakes and bars are rich in fibre and protein, and contain plenty of quality ingredients.

All Reztart bars and drinks contain 15 g of NGC™ food blend developed by doctors. The blend contains rosehip, apples, peas, sugar beet fibre, whey and special free range Omega3 and Omega6 eggs.

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Rich in protein

Protein is necessary for almost all processes in the body. It is necessary for growth, cell renewal and for strengthening the immune system. One Reztart bar or powder shake contains approximately the same amount of protein as a glass of milk or an egg.

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Rich in fibre

Fibre is necessary for proper digestion. It also makes you feel full longer and slows down the absorption of glucose, thus avoiding spikes in blood sugar level and helping maintain normal body weight.

One Reztart drink contains as much fibre as 200 g of sprouts or 100 g of broccoli.

One Reztart bar contains more fibre than 200 g of grapefruit or 100 g of carrots.

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Reztart is real food

Reztart consists of real food obtained from pure nature. The combined positive effect of its ingredients has been scientifically proved.

Reztart is not yet another Stockholm diet, protein powder, utopian miracle cure, or energy drink. Neither is it a trendy free-from-everything product that contains sneaky hidden additives.

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Easy to use

The bars are ready to eat; the drink is ready in 15 seconds.

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